Friday, August 10, 2007

Between gigs and e-working, e-reading, and e-such.
Made portraits of a biking policewoman and chose a setting that was full of Nature. Sadly, however, Yours Truly forgot her SPF5000 and now my face feels that tinge of radiation.
Took Niece and Nephew to Thursday at the Square, that free downtown Middling City throwdown, as they had selected that date to see quote-unquote one-man jam band Keller Williams who did not impress. Sure, he can play lots of equipment and loop his riffs and bang a bit on a drumpad but his lyrics were insipid and his playing's novelty wore off halfway through song three. It was far more amusing to watch Keller's devotees, throngs of happy Esmereldas and attendant boys, some with the usual hippie accessories like patchwork pants, devil sticks, one-hitters, toe rings and oso much more.
Went to dinner and show with N & N as well as Annie and her niece.
Stayed for about 45 minutes of Keller's jammie goodness and headed down to Allentown for some frozen treats, and more live music (and much better) at Steel Crazy.
Dropped the children with their usual handler and met Jana out for some liquid refreshment, the usual spot with the chatty bartender, who generously insisted that we try some of his, he said, secret stash of chocolate grappa.
He insisted that his nonni sends it over from the Old Country.
It was, as grappa is, deceptive in its potent, portentous potability.
Had talked to Sparky, who was meeting up with a band at one of the MC's international bridges to stardom. I was possibly going to accompany to said bridge until the time changed to the hinterlands of lateness. I did say, however, that she should call to tell me she was okey-dokes and en route to her home.
Awoke to Sparky's voice at 3 a.m. telling me all was swell and all about the band, Birthday Massacre who we may see and hear up North some time soon.

More driving, more shooting, more editing starting now.

Now, Love.