Wednesday, August 22, 2007

As Yours Truly frantically burns DVDs and CDs blogging happens.
Freelance gigs piled up mere seconds before the imminent leaving of the Middling City for Wilds of Canada.
Yesterday's gigs included one at a nursing home, a place of multi-colored tile floors that stretch seemingly endlessly down corridors that then dead-end abruptly.
Was buzzed into a side door as YT has a kind face and I did not look dangerous.
And had several heavy bags that scream photog, or maybe even pharmaceutical rep - with samples.
After being buzzed in was wandering, and wandering, and wandering some more.
I did, as is not my wont at moments when I am in the flow of discovery, ask for directions and received some fairly terrible directions. One bad set of directions had me landing in a classroom of people watching an educational vid.
One by one all heads turned in my direction. Until the instructress asked where in hell I'd like to really be.
I shall soon catalogue all moments where YT has entered a door and all activities have ceased.
One that springs to mind includes a public bathhouse in Japan, Itabashi-Ku, to be Perfectly exact.
So I was sent on my way with a finger pointed in another erroneous correct approximation of where I'd find the person I was searching for.
I should like to point out that this building is not equipped with security cams, just a lot of lino.
So then I dead-ended at a chapel in a corner space and heard the strains of a solo voice singing their proverbial heart out and if YT had to guess it would be one of the residents with a purpose.
I did finally find my subject.
Time to deliver the goods, as we say in the photo business.
My Empire comes to a quiet halt as I now wend up north.
Not knowing if blogging magique will take place in the next five or so days but here is a visual I would like to leave You with:
parents are moving and so is their long-forgotten archive, including a sub-archive of my very-forgotten papers from high school and college - with memorabilia.
One item in latter was a folio of 70s Olympic kiddie gymnast sensation Nadia Comaneci photographs and press clippings from when I was a gymnast back in the pre-day.
One of the clips was a small vertical image of Nadia with comedian extraordinaire Flip Wilson.

Flipped on Love.