Thursday, June 28, 2007

Swell party was just attended to (Spree Best Of fete at the Middling City's historic Shea's Theatre, or is it a performing arts centre now), and met up with many favoured people, but just picked up the Best Of Issue that all the feting was about to see my most excellent portrait of Kennergy – sans photo credit. This is something that burns the asses of photographers the world over. This is like a story running without a byline. It is just so unpro.
The Shiney Happy mag certainly does know that Yours Truly made the image as it ran once before and all my images are imprinted with my initials.
Is this a minor detail.
I think not.
One of those seen was Artie and that was a treat as I have not seen him in near ages. He did invite YT to hop into a show any time, hooray.
Kennergy did receive second place for the Arts Patron category and did receive a plaque, which I did sign for and take with.
He lost out to the board of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery.
Several other Bests in attendance are frequented by YT, including TruTeas. All the TruTeas ladies were there and that was quite a pleasure to see them whilst they were revelling in their Best Vegetarian Joint status.
Dorothy, who cuts my hair, was there as her boss (Lynn) got Best Women's haircuts.
Dorothy and I have been not meeting on sched ops and we are aiming for a trim this pending week.
So the MC is aglow with Best vibes, a very upupup evening.
Last night went with the book club girls (save for one, Tiff) to Starry Night in the Garden, the benefit for my beloved Botanicus Gardenus.
On the stage were two of the REO Speedwagon men, who interspersed what we did want to hear (namely, their cheezeball hitz of the 80s) with several tunes newly crafted.
The crowd of thousands pepped up when the familiar songs warbled out of the portable stage. We girls wended through the historic indoor greenery and florally for quite some time.
The century plant is beyond its blooming and is in the midst of its slow decline and agave ending.
Time to make more and do more.

Best Of Love.