Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Driving back into the Middling City last night, after an exurban gig, hit the endangered but awe-inspiring Skyway and, as happens up there, had eyes wandering to and fro.
Fro included a most puzzling sight.
Someone at HSBC, the city's tallest edifice, created by architect Yamasaki, who also drew and made happen the late (not great) World Trade Center in the Shiney Apple (and why-o-why is more not ever made of this fact), had arranged some lights on its southern-facing side that featured three colours and an incomprehensible shape or script.
It was not Sabres colours, also those of the MC (blue and gold, lest You have forgotten), like the nearby Rath Building display.
Red, green, blue lights shone out into the still-chilled air and Yours Truly decided it must be a few symbols of the I Ching.
These days in the MC it is not all that unusual to see a vehicle with Sabres sentiments used car lot shoe polished onto the windows.
Nor crews sawing away at trees.
Or women with pedicures wearing sandals, their toes frigid lavendar.
Read today via FlavorPill (link it over there, there, on the right) that another Andreas Gursky show hits the SA walls over at Matthew Marks Gallery: the next reason for a foray there. Last time YT was at a show by him +crew was at MoMA.
Pieces for the Artists & Models installation coming together.
Have to locate an opaque projector, like now.

Projected, opaque Love.

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