Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tomorrow night is what Yours Truly has dubbed Summit Meeting - gatherings with Polly/Liz/Cheryl and the designated joint is a Middling City Scene Newbie, a place with pretensions but nicely designed.
We decided there were too many weeks that'd go by and we would not connect so now these Summit Meetings, as Martha says, A good thing.
Drove out to the big U's Confusement Centre, a.k.a. Ellicott Complex, to not only get my fair share of daily confusion, but to enjoy the sight of meandering ducks.
One seasonally-thematic thing is that the Middling City is enjoying a new trad, a Dyngus Day parade from the B'Way Market to the Central Terminal. Thinking that paraders and maskers and marauders and revelers should probably dress like pussy willows (whilst also brandishing same) or as Polish sausages. Or maybe butter lambs.
Will be again, as is tradition, at the Lownies's Ukrainian Easter brunch and, as is also trad, will lop head off the butter lamb.
hot tip: the butter lamb features two peppercorn eyes, lopping head off yields a spicey, buttery spread for whatever one has designated a spreadee on the table.
Spring and itchy eyes are in the air, as is the scent of earth warming.
The crocii and daffodils are unleashing their magic and coming up next are the most beloved spring arrivistes of all - the hyacinths.
Ahhh, the hyacinths.

Pepper-eyed Love.

this just in.
Literal Harold, who You may recall collects hotel/resort/motel soaps, received his package from YT bearing same. He, safe to say, is t.h.r.i.l.l.e.d.
And You should note, all of Yous, that the 13th is, bien sur, the hap-slappy anniversary of the premier and Perfect blogpost of epinw - b-day of Sam.
Please do send gifts of all shapes and sizes to me. At once, for timely delivery.
I thank You in advance.
And also I proclaim that it is truly uly spring.
I have evidentiary allergies.

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