Friday, March 02, 2007

Was informed today by one whose op I rather treasure in parts that today We are to wear pink as a sign of solidarnosc for Anna Nicole.
Her fav colour was pink, You see.
I was not wearing pink earlier, nor now, although I looked at a pink sweater (subconsciously) and chose to wear purple instead.
I found her curious.
Did I think she was like Marilyn, as she blathered.
Only in the faux blondeness, the exuberant sexuality, the selling themselves to men in a rather gross manner, becoming a caricature.
Marilyn was more of a talent, in my non-humble op.
Heard from JW,Esq. who has informed me that for a Cali pal's b-day soirée where one and all were asked to come as a rock star or behave as one, he chose to dress an none other than Ozzy.
As not in and Harriet but thee Ozzy, one of the most kind-hearted rockers of all.
When JW,Esq. sends along a jpeg of himself in his costume (which was described in great detail and it had all the Ozzy bells & whistles) it will be appearing on epinw.
I did warn him of this.
Perhaps it will not arrive.
Off to points beyond and that is how all weekends should begin after a day of slogging and editing and the like.

Like editing, Love.

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