Wednesday, February 07, 2007

An appropriate, seasonal Middling City tale.
When one grows up in the MC one has accoutrements that are both sporty and wintry.
One might find in one's holdings things such as snowshoes, x-c skiis, hockey sticks (2), hockey balls for warm and cold weather, gaitors, and the like.
Attempting to try out new snowshoes headed down to what is termed the South Towns, a.k.a. Ski Country, to strap them on and give them a whirl but was thwarted by seasonal white-outs along the way - on Routes 219 and 20A specifically.
Left the former for the latter and was looking at one giant wall of snow, not unlike the venerable Wall of Sound so popularized by Phil Spector of gunplay fame.
Turned back, if You will, abandoning the snowshoe plan, returning to the Middling City which was all sun. This all happened on Our national sporty holiday, Super Bowl Sunday. A holiday like most other USofA holidays, focusing on food, gathering, and cheer(ing).
Writing an informative piece for the Shiney Happy Mag about area diners, the best around which, unsurprisingly, have unsurprising menus that creatively re-assemble house ingredients and serve up coffee both tepid and strong.
Have two more on the list but one of these, in the MC's so-called Cobblestone District, has rather odd hours that are sometimes disregarded.
The other on the list of remaining sites is the east side diner of note, Gigi's, serving soul food in a real diner setting peppered with 8x10 glossies of notables who have darkened the doorstep.
Off to points beyond for documentation and oso much more.

Diner documentation Love.

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