Friday, December 08, 2006

And so please tell Yours Truly why DSL is running like not running at all but standing still. Very still.

Today is Ignominious Day, the day the world lost one of its biggest peaceniks, a beautiful Libran man of art, John, who would be sixty-six at this time. And what would he make of this war ever dubbed anything but, disenfranchised voters, violence in so-called art including the evil rubbish spewed out by a studio and written and produced by anti-semitic Mr. Gibson, global warming, 9/11, his Sean's musical and stylistic change-ups, the loss of CBGB, the deaccessioning of antiquities by the short-sighted and so-called directorship of Albright-Knox Art Gallery in the Middling City, and oso much more.

As always, big WWJT questions.

It is fitting that today is an MC day that is bitter cold.
A day without news watching, a day of hunger, a day of working, a day of writing, a day of listening to recorded music and planning an art project for the coming year. And ordering a funereal bouquet for a girl of ten who mysteriously died in her sleep, whose wake happens on Sunday and for that YT ordered a girl-worthy splash of purple and pink flowers.

John's lovely and timeless words.

Chanting the Mantra peace on earth
We all been playing those mind games forever
Some kinda druid dudes lifting the veil
Doing the mind guerrilla
Some call it magic the search for the grail
Love is the answer and you know that for sure
Love is a flower you got to let it, you got to let it grow.

Love Love Love.

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