Saturday, August 05, 2006

Today is the tiny window of opportunity (two hours, cheesh) to drop off donated work for Children's Hospital of the Middling City and I'm looking at the clock wondering if I have time to rush north before I need to drive way east. This is a Middling City Society of Artists Plan.
Yours Truly did the same a few years back for Roswell Park Cancer Institute, donating the piece Touching Green that I totally dig.
Think I'll have to contact Jerry Mead and say it's coming, on a later day.
Speaking of art and logistics, signed on for Secrets of Allentown another year, despite the oddness of last year when my parents were standing at the starting point's ticket table and being told that, despite their daughter's hard work and nominal honorarium and agreed-upon four comps, they were going to have to pay. I had my dad pass his cellie to the SoA leader and was told by him that Several people donate their time and services and . . .
YT said, as politely as possible, give my parents their effin comps, s'il vous plait.
We'll see if this year is as fraught with discombobulation.
Speaking of such, JW,Esq. informs me that he is loftless but owns a sailboat now that he does not know how to operate.
In my non-humble op, I believe this corporate counsel has perhaps embraced too richly the rock & roll lifestyle, tossing his concerns to the four winds and such.
Speaking of r&r, shot some ports of The Bummer Road in front of closed Happy Corner Store. The band says they just might entitle their next release On the Happy Corner.
I asked if we should have the rotund lady in Cleopatra sandals move out of the way and Matt Valentine said Extras are GOOD.

Extra extra Love.

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