Saturday, August 19, 2006

New chestnut, compliments of Yours Truly.
Chronic dreams, chronic schemes.
So had the chronic scheming dream where I am trying to get to the Shiney Apple and am doing just about anything to catch the plane - wading through waist-high water, trying to catch elusive cabs. Then the other part of the dream is actually being in the Shiney Apple and deciding to prolong my time there, indefinitely. Calling whomever in the Middling City to say Well, I am going to be here much longer. How much longer, I cannot say for certain.
All this means YT is in desperate need of wending along the art-yielding streets.
One part of the SA portion of the dreamscape was someone wanted to cook me a dinner and I was thinking how I just wanted to sneak off to one of my favoured restaurants instead.
JT stopped by last night, after her melanoma-related visit to Roswell Park Cancer Institute, part of the expanding medical corridor that will transform the MC into a different kind of town, a white collar town. She described for YT how a mole may grow down into the skin several inches, a column of death. This visual will be haunting me for a while, as will the Shiney Apple chronic dream.
Today is a gray-skied day and will make the finishing up of the Secrets of Allentown images murky. So instead it's laptopping and editing like a madwoman.

Chronic, chronic Love.

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