Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Blogging via the new faster stronger powerbook with the illuminated keyboard. A bonus. What is not the bonus, well, it kind of is a bonus in this mad, real estate-driven world, is that there are many square inches of this machine - not just the 3" on the sides that I expected but the extra of the depth. And Yours Truly truly uses a laptop on her lap's top and this newbie gets rather warm, is rather weighty after a work jag.
Fussed around with Aperture until after a few hours I had selected images in a work folder just fine, could figure out how to place them on their stylin' light table yet could not figure - yet - how to grab each one and wrangle it into client-worthy readiness.
After that this is how YT felt.
Aperture: 1
Me: 0
First stop this fine dewy Middling City morn is a gig on the urban campus of MCU. Second or third stop will be. Quiz.
You have thirty seconds to figure out this answer.
Patient pause.
Third stop is going to be Barnes and Nobility for one of those Aperture Life Raft handbooks, aka the Cliff Notes of Reason - the For Dummies series.
On a not lighter but more cinematic note, saw Johnny in his new movie and, as far as YT is concerned, they could have weed whacked most scenes with Keira and several with Orlando. More Johnny, less puffery.
As Jack/Johnny would say (and the one line in which he used it this time around got a rollicking laugh out of one of the elderly gigantic ladies in attendance at the matinée, armed with - what else - the econo bucket of the stalest, crunchiest popcorn, as she saw the first Johnny Pirate movie and was like so in the knowing) Savvy.

Swaggering Love.

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