Sunday, June 04, 2006

Here are two images made by Richard Wicka at the premier party for Sweet Jesus last night at Otis's joint, Century Grille. Richard Lambert did a primo job playing Jesus, as some said perhaps a bit too dead(pun intended)-on. The soundtrack was excellent, Michel Weber's song a typically-dark number which all her work is infused with. At some moments, however, of the film, I would have yelled CUT if I had been sitting in the director's chair for they went on a bit too long, visual trails that could have been a bit more tidy, chopped. The above left image is Yours Truly with Kimmie and Tony Billoni, who are both in the film. Richard was photographing them and I snuck into the frame and then this happened. When I saw the results on the back of Richard's camera I let out a skuh-reem - look at that tongue. The other image is YT attempting a supermodel look to no avail while Annie gets the job done. There were no snaxx at said party and the former Studio G (upstairs from CGrille) is now an odd, emptied space for hearing live music. Oh, one of my most fervent stalkers who shall remain unnamed, was there being avoided deftly for he had seen me upon arriving at the movie theatre and I barely escaped his overzealous and discomfiting attentions.
Had popcorn for dinner, as well as some deep and hearty laughs. What more could one wish from a movie premier. Oh, a gift bag. Where in hell is my freakin' gift bag.

Love of gifts, and bags.

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