Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Flung myself into the visual strata of a few Shiney Apple art joints, drawing parallels, sketches, and conclusions.
First off the 4 from the A from the AirTrain from the plane from the car, I wended my way around the old school haunts noting that my favoured pedicure joint has unceremoniously folded up their mysterious tent so to speak.
Spotted some old ghosts around Parsons School of Disconnectedness and moved along in the rain that turned to sunshine to the upper regions alongside the park to just soak in creation.
Found amazing reference materials in the show of Kara Walker, who makes those political and violent, usually, silhouettes. Some Dutch artists who noted the powers of the elements, mostly water. Something I needed to see as that's what I am making and setting afire in the studio.
I thought, for the sake of safety, about making a simple lean-to of transluscent material to filter out a lot of natural light in a controlled manner.
Had one of those memorable dinners at Pink Pony on the Lower East Side - and then a few at a poseur rock hangout - with a gang who kept it light light and light.
Awoke to Dorota and Jason's newbie kitties scrambling down my legs before nestling in to steal some of my lithe body heat.
Time to walk to Elizabeth Street and then to points much beyond for more more more visual language.

Languid language of Love.

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