Sunday, February 27, 2005

Beth Dearest and I are to be prepping Lecture Notes, that's right, fucking Lecture Notes, for our online class.
Raison d'etre anywhere but inside Land of Homework:
#1: It's online, there is no lecture.
#2: We are grad students, not instructors. By preparing Lecture Notes we are lightening his edificiary role in the name of pedagogical lessoning.
#3: I really have other things to do.
Like procrastinate.
I rest my case.
Kennedy handed me a snippet of Middling City News - letters page - from the 23rd when Yours Truly was on the right side of the state. When, in a rush of pique and defensiveness and such, two letter writers had their thoughts about Gripping the Podium Hillary and Yours Truly aired. One is pro, other con for a fair and balanced (just like Fox) purview. Said to Kennedy I should thank them as it keeps it all alive. But the anti HC Grip shot letter states wrongly that the org that asked me to pro bono owns the rights which is not the case. She meanders along in her letter stating what her club does. The pro letter sidles along my view that of course the public has a right to know and that includes seeing.
Soon my Globe cover shot will be available on and I know that each and every epinw reader will want, must have, will lust.
My former product line - CLeft Design models - are still up and can be found on the site and then via a search for cLeft Design.
If You simply type the word cleft I believe You will still yield beneficiary t's and such for an org that benefits those with dreaded cleft palate.
Onwards to homework.
Onwards to further pitstops, pratfalls, petulance.

Petulant Loves.

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