Friday, February 11, 2005

Modernism's fascination with marginality.
Now you know you're in deep (mmm, just mis-typed deep as depp, You read between the subconscious lines) to the whole grad school miasmic mix of words when you read such a phrase and keep a straight and jargon-enhanced face.
Listen. Listen but good.
Run and do not walk to your grocery store or pharmacy or, if You are lucky and in the Shiney Apple, a freakin' true newstand, and pick up The Globe to see the next printish incarnation of Pre-Faint Hill, in a state of Gripping the Podium.
All aflutter with wonder if they've attached my image with a tale most sordid, I have my own conspiracy theory I cannot put on the web as I'm sure They will make my life more complicated.
Off to go practice out some more graduistic phrases aloud, maybe with some politico hand gestures to stun and such.

Such Love.

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