Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Reported to online school to discover that - lo, behold - It really starts, the course on Beauty, in a few. And the premier week is all Hi, I am Perfect Nancy and these are my pet peeves.
Due to Hillary's Middling City visit Monday am unable to partake in Kristin Hersh's visit to Joe's Pub in Shiney Apple Sunday. Oh, velcro, sent along sad turn of events to Justy who is making it his birthday celebration of sorts. Missed her Middling City gig as 50 Foot Wave due to the odd sense that I had to get school work done and forwent that op. Then she was in the SA and that was sold out. I am destined to never witness her quipalicious skills in the flesh thus far.
It snows and it snows and I shovel and I shovel the drive so that Mr. Mailman does not turn into Mr. Mailman the Snark and stop delivering my mags, my bills, my written correspondences. And keeping at bay, doubly, the Middling City Narcs who report unshovelled walkways to the authorities and decreed by law it is that one must shovel a path of at least twenty inches and to that I say You pedestrians get a shovel's width. My own Perfect and individualized Rule of Thumb so to speak. Off now to visit with Deb and Sarah and then to points beyond.

Point of Love.

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