Monday, March 24, 2003

Whew, what a high-powered and eclectic weekend whirl that was.
Still trying to remember the title of the movie that features a driver crawling from an overturned car to utter
Well, that happened.
A Baldwin, playing a movie star in the movie, industry inside looker, his teenaged hookup told to go away...
At a benefit show last night just before Henry Rollins's rant/appearance I was talking to a Middling City rock star who had an interesting perspective on my life. He said When I heard about what happened at the club in Rhode Island I thought Shit, I know someone who's put themselves in that scenario a scillion times and I'm listening, not quite recognizing myself in the thought until the MC rock star says You've been at more shows than anyone I know.
I honestly never thought of that in quite that perspective, that I've seen more shows than anyone but I guess years times nights times several gigs a night does equal possibly in one month as many gigs that people see in a year.
Same as when a pedestrian shooter tells me that they've had the same roll in their point and shoot for about a year. That they don't even recognize some of the happenings that shat from their camera.
Interesting, contrasting fun fact:
Over a weekend, at the frenzied height of the season, I can shoot upwards of 100 rolls of film a week. And that's 36 ex rolls.
I talked someone out of buying a digital camera last night and another into it. The former wanted one to shoot products and I surmised that he should shoot film and have the lab burn the images onto a cd for him. The latter is a wannabe journalist and to him I said Spend, spend, spend, buddy boy.
Off to an interesting buffet of assignments and deadlines both written and image-based.
My caffeinated heart pumps on.

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