Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Special excerpts from my artist slide talk given earlier this evening to the Middling City Museum of Science Camera Club:
Me blah blah me then image me etc. black & white blah blah me me me... and so on and so forth. I managed to fill a slide tray with 80 and the talk ran the gamut of images although I did manage to omit (oops) any images I've made of the nearby grain elevators. Though I did mention them, and my trusty/faulty Holga cameras, later during a spirited Q&A. The lady that booked me, as I wandered away from the mic, handed me a white envelope with my honorarium moments before the man (who later put on a gigantic full-length raccoon coat and black fur hat the size of a microwave oven) collected dollar bills and raffle ticket stubs for their traditional 50-50 split.
Now onwards to column deadline. Now onwards to excerpt events far and wide in my special excerpting mind.
Recent past excerpts from the fab Red Dinner held Chez Moi a few nights ago:
1. handing out contraband sparklers and ordering everyone out into the tundra for en masse lighting of them and chanting of HappyPresidents'Day into the smoky smoky night. (Earlier in the day spotted a near neighbor with a large open bonfire in the backyard and thought I LOVE my lawless corner of the Middling City!)
2. my mother appearing with a large tray of red Jello shots.
3. passing along my love of Varry Barry White, a man of love.
4. pal Blair coming in red vinyl jacket and red leather shoes that once belonged to late great 10,000 Maniacs guitarist Rob Buck - appropriated at a post-life, money-making auction.

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