Monday, December 16, 2002

Late/early I write after seeing growling band of hairy men, Slobberbone.
Excellent and the room full of exceptional Middling City rock types and desirables.
Well, one undesirable was in attendance, the volatile Bad Penny who took every op to come up to me as I was shooting to growl at me, grab at me, general mini-mayhem. She harangued the bandmembers and an occasional, unsuspecting manly audience member as well. So I did not feel so in the Bad Penny Limelight.
One of the writers I wish to meet was not out, as usual, so delayed is the chance and anticipated crossroading.
Robyn and I talked at the clubby bar after I told Doug (who was unsuspectingly there, with Adva) I was hitting the proverbial highway and during the course of intercourse she told me that she might be, after seven arduous years, leaving her video shoppe gig.
Amongst other reasons she said I'm sick of renting porn videos to pear-shaped men.
I said But what's great is that it's you... and them... and they have no shame. (This video joint prides itself on renting hard-to-find Euro films, art films, etc. and Vincent Gallo, when he was in town, praised the shopkeep).
She told me that one of the shoppe's biggest customers is a reverend.
No, make that Reverend.
A regular Reverend pornographic purveyor.
Separation of church and state.
Separation of church and smut.

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