Saturday, April 13, 2002

Well and whew.
Have been out and kicking ass and making the dough all day and let me tell you, it's a jungle out there. Not really. I am the jungle, I embrace the jungle.

Happy birthday to this blog, and to Samuel Beckett. Respectively 1 year old and god really knows - he had no idea, why should I.

Gwen/No Doubt report: she was, according to my excellent sources, in a foul mood and not speaking to her bandmates. The opener, The Faint, left me neither faint nor running for their merch table.
ND came out to screaming throng, Gwen radiant in boxing boots, yards of rhinestones about her waist, other rock star accoutrements and that fried out hair. ouch. Press photogs were to have three songs to shoot but instead it was two - the crowd at the front of the stage was a bit out of control and the student in charge of secrity became wild-eyed and ejected us. In a nutshell the light sucked but Gwen signed a copy of a print I made of her in '97 and kept one for herself. Guess she wasn't that foul-tempered. After shooting had a police escort to my car where I left my gear and came back in, locating pals and, after doing one of Gwen's exciting new stage moves (sort of a squat thrust into a big X) I managed to lose my cell phone.
But good riddance to bad electronics.
Laura called Sean at Sprint PCS, we all had a good hardy-har and today waltzed into SprintStore and within 20 minutes had a shiny newer, smaller phone. I asked the guys behind counter Do you suppose that as these phones get smaller and smaller I'll lose them faster and faster?
Running, and I mean RUNNING, to Dave Matthews.

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