Sunday, April 28, 2002

To go with my new goooold-colored Forester, to replace the one rearranged and obliterated by Ms.Drunk, I'm getting my left front tooth coated in shiny shiny gold. I don't understand, clearly, how these insurance things motor along but the nice Subaru saleslady said that on Tuesday I can pick up a new one. hooray.
An interesting blend this past weekend of documenting musical activity in the Middling City and working on the art show. Dropped the artwork off today and it fills the eastern room/my room completely. 29 pieces in all, and I did all of the framing. Please, someone, remind me that in the future I don't have this kind of time. Thanks. However, the sense of completion and relief is immense. It is done. And, I might add, it's a good show. Unfortunately the show, a threesome of artists, has a way-unfortunate name: Trilogies. Cor-nee.

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