Tuesday, March 26, 2002

So April 13th, Samuel Beckett's birth date, is EPINW's one year anniversary. And I know that you'll ink that onto your calendar and such and buy me a present to thank me for all the good times and erudition.
Favorites: green, shoes, Me & Ro jewelry (spec. their 18K gold rings), Oban .
I'm planning a special bloggerific party that day and there will be festive links for your joy.

Speaking of April 13th (about the time that Cobain blew his smart head off) someone is publishing a book of his diaries and other muck and I'm going to find this person and see if they want to use my haunting images of Kurt at one of his ultimate gigs.

We are all rock stars in our own special ways. Life is better when you realize this and dress accordingly.

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