Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Patty Hearst Society.

Caution: written with fingertips dripping acid, read with caution.

The image above, whilst fresh as the sonic reverberations rolling off of Pink Floyd's world-rollicking Dark Side of the Moon, inspired Yours Truly to go up to her harried and stalwart mother and query thusly: Mom, can I get a pea coat.
Mom: No.
And that was the end of that.
Until, years later, revered Gramma Vickie sent along a pea coat, up from Georgia, reading the mind (as she often did) of her eldest granddaughter.
It was rust color.
Close enough.
It was worn gleefully with that socialite-turned-captive-turned-fashion-icon in mind.
Commuted by Jimmy Carter.
And pardoned by Bill Clinton, the other recent presidential lefty.

The current lefty signing off on the historical Healthcare Bill with no less than twenty pens.
YT has witnessed signings of all genres but never one with that number of pens.
Five, maybe.
Twenty, not yet.
And YT would like to state that this change, in my Perfect and humble op, is for the better as now the lesser evil of health insurance influences (the government and its attendant interests) will prevail over that of the insurance companies themselves.

In the past few weeks YT has learned of two very good friends' cancers, as well as a few other tragedies under the header of Health.
The one friend, diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer, is off to an alternative therapy venue in the wild state of Texas, and the other, diagnosed with breast cancer, is being operated upon this week.
The former is uninsured for what she believes will save her life, and a benefit is being planned to help her with her Hope.
The latter is insured.
And lucky.
Another friend is going bankrupt lying in a hospital bed, uninsured.
Another friend is not going bankrupt, diagnosed and operated upon with cancer, in Canada where OHIP covers healthcare in a reasonable manner.

YT has lit more than a few large white candles lately to help in a wishful, Japanese Buddhist wishes-tied-to-trees manner, those who need it.
And bending the ear of one departed Nelson Baker to see just what he can do.

YT, walking the marbled walkways of The Basilica of former steel town Lackawanna with my Art/Life Mentor who is of no religious persuasion save Art and past family Jewish origins, knew far more about the curriculum than I.
YT knew of candles, wishes, and the miraculous remains of Nelson Baker.
! Blood Perfectly preserved after decades.
Whereas Art/Life Mentor knew fine details.
Or, maybe like tap dancing class, YT just wishes to rewrite the story to her own Perfect liking.

Perfect liking, Love.